Dharma Talks / “Arrived, Home”: The First Plum Village Dharma Seal (40 Years Retreat #2)

Br Pháp Hữu

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Br. Phap Huu offers his experiences and insights on practicing “I have arrived, I am home”, the First Seal of Plum Village practice. He shares poignant moments by Thay’s side for us to have a taste of Thay’s great wisdom and love.

Arriving in our body and mind in order to recognize, embrace and accept what is going on inside and around us is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching. As we experience the practice first hand, we develop confidence in our own ability to arrive in the present moment and touch the wonders of life as well as the quality of freedom that is always there.

Can we arrive in ourselves and be there for ourselves, accept ourselves and our ancestors?

Inside each of us is a meditator, an artist and a warrior. As we walk on the path of practice with spiritual friends, we develop these three qualities, which in turn help us to cultivate joy and face challenges with courage and peace.

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