Dharma Talks / “Ripening in Every Moment”: The 4th PV Dharma Seal (40 Years Retreat #6)

Sr Lăng Nghiêm

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In this final talk of our June retreat “40 Years of Plum Village: Now We Have a Path, We Have Nothing More to Fear”, Sister Lang Nghiem invites us to train ourselves to recognize the present moment as a maturation of all our actions, including the experiences we received from our ancestors.

Indeed, store consciousness has the capacity to store all our actions of body, speech and mind as seeds. These seeds manifest in our life when conditions are sufficient, even if it takes many years. Nothing is lost.

How can the practice of mindfulness help us to regain sovereignty over the seeds that manifest in our lives? How can we bring peace, happiness and harmony through our actions? How can we embrace and transform the unwholesome seeds that were transmitted to us?

The Fourth Seal of Plum Village, Ripening at every moment, has four aspects that sister Lang Nghiem explores during this Dharma Talk:

1. Ripening at different times
2. Ripening of different conditions
3. Ripening in different forms
4. Ripening in different places

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