Dharma Talks / Cultivating Kindness, Building Community

Br Pháp Hữu

What does it feel like to receive kindness, from a loved one or even a stranger? What does it mean to have kindness in our own heart, and to be a true friend to ourselves and others? How can we cultivate these qualities, to help build a kind community and a kind world?

This talk was offered by the abbot of Upper Hamlet, Brother Pháp Hữu (“Dharma Friend”), on a special day in the Plum Village community: ordination day for more than 200 new members of the Order of Interbeing worldwide.

Brother Pháp Hữu shares that by receiving and practicing the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of the Order, we learn how to truly take care of ourselves, and therefore also be able to offer support to those around us. With this foundation, we are able to fulfill our Bodhisattva aspiration to wake up, and to build communities that bring happiness and healing to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Brother Pháp Hữu shares intimate stories from his own experience, and tells us along this path, we all stumble sometimes. He encourages us not to be discouraged, or to hide our difficulties from ourselves or those closest to us.

On this path, we are learning to understand and be kind to ourselves. As often as we need to, we can smile and renew our intention: “Let me start again”. Our daily spiritual practice, such as the practice the Five or the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings, will also be a true friend to us, a light and a lifeline that will be available to us in those moments when we need it the most.

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