Dharma Talks / Mindfulness Practice and True Power (Wake Up Retreat #3) | Br. Phap Lai

Br Pháp Lai

In this Dharma Talk, Brother Phap Lai shares his experience and insights on the different Buddhist teachings on power.

First, Brother Phap Lai looks at the teaching on the Three Powers: Love, Understanding, and Cutting Through Afflictions.

How can we have the power to love ourselves? Can we begin anew with ourselves, let self-compassion flow and act with a new determination?

Next, Br. Phap Lai shares the teaching on the Five Powers:
1. Confidence
2. Diligence
3. Mindfulness
4. Concentration
5. Insight

These five powers support each other on our path of practice. Confidence is based on our own experience of the practice. We have faith that we can transform our suffering and dwell happily in the present moment.

Finally, we look at the teaching on the Three Powers, or Three Desires: Understanding, Love, and Service. Based on our own transformation, compassion is born in us and we are driven to share what we have understood.

As spiritual practitioners, we can remind ourselves of all these powers that we already have whenever we feel powerless. It is also up to us to keep them alive and growing thanks to our daily practice.

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