Dharma Talks / True Love And Healing (Wake Up Retreat #2)

Sr Dang Nghiem

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In this kind and gentle talk, Sister Dang Nghiem relates her own journey of healing, and describes the path of true love as the process of becoming “our own soulmate”. She shares that we can begin by befriending our own breath and our own body. From this foundation, we are able to befriend our feelings and thoughts as well, and offer friendship and compassion to others.

Sister Dang Nghiem shares that as true love ripens in us, we learn to be careful about what we consume, with all our senses. We learn to see with the eyes of interbeing, including the interdependence of input and output. We see that nothing is lost, but that with skill, compassion, and persistence, everything can be transformed.

“In true love”, Sr Dang Nghiem tells us, “there must be healing”. With the help of our mindful breathing, we can learn to recognize habit energies and transform them: to learn and to train a new way of seeing and acting. We “walk out into the sunshine” as we learn to see that in this moment, we are already enough, and that we have enough. Then we are free to choose a simple life in order to practice stopping, dwelling happily in the present moment and looking deeply into the true nature of our experience. This practice opens the door to the insight of interbeing, and it is this insight which will bring deep and lasting healing to oursevles and those around us.

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