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On the 26 of May, Plum Village centers around the world organized ceremonies to celebrate Vesak day. On this day we commemorate the birth of Prince Siddhartha, his enlightenment when he became known as Gautama Buddha, and his death known as parinirvana.

The Buddha is a flower of humanity who practiced the Way for countless lives. He appeared on this Earth as a prince who left his royal palace to practice at the foot of the Bodhi tree. He conquered illusion. When the morning star arose, he realized the great path of awakening and turned the wheel of the Dharma.

Celebrating Vesak day reminds us to continue walking on the spiritual path that the Buddha founded, to cultivate the capacity of love and understanding, and to live happily in the present moment. 

Many Plum Village centers are closed now because of Covid-19 but some Plum Village centers in the United State luckily could receive vaccinated guests to join the ceremony. 

Please enjoy photos of the ceremony from Plum Village monasteries around the world.

You can read the meaningful Vesak message 2013 from Thich Nhat Hanh here and read his account of the Buddha’s life in the book Old Path, White Clouds.

[Disclaimer: The images that have been posted may show members of the community physically close and not wearing masks within the boundaries of Plum Village. This is because the whole community has been closed to the public and have been living in confinement since March 2020 and therefore the risk of transmitting the Covid virus to each other is very low. 
More information is here.

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