Photos / Vesak Day at Plum Village France 2024

On the 19th of May, the community at Plum Village France celebrated Vesak, honoring the Buddha’s life and enlightenment. 

Despite heavy rain, over 500 monastics and lay friends gathered to enjoy the day. The celebration included guided meditation, chanting, bathing the baby Buddha, and Dharma talks. The rain added to the sense of unity and resilience, making the Vesak celebration a profound and joyous occasion.

We are grateful to everyone who joined us and contributed to the beautiful spirit of the day. Your presence and practice made it truly special. We look forward to celebrating together again next year!

Moments from the Vesak celebration day

Vesak Dharma Talk by Sister Dinh Nghiem
Chant ‘Prasing the Buddha’
Vesak Ceremony
Bathing the baby Buddha
Beautiful painting by Sister Trang Sang To
Be-in and the presentation session of Plum Village monastics on tours

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