Dharma Talks / Mindfulness of Love and Gratitude

Br Minh Hy

Br. Minh Hy invites us to connect to great ancestral teachers who played a very important role in Thầy’s journey of renewing Buddhism. Inspired by their example, we can improve and refine our own practice, with faith and perseverance. We can make their practice come to life as we apply it to our current times, as Thầy has done throughout his life.

Indeed, the ancient Buddhist wisdom on the mind and the way out of suffering is timeless: the challenges of our society have their roots in afflictions that lie within our own mind. Learning to understand it, and to find appropriate practices for ourselves, is the way out of suffering.

This Dharma Talk was offered on the Memorial day of our Ancestral Teacher, Master Nhật Định, founder of our teacher Thầy’s root temple in Huê, Vietnam.

Chanting: “We Are Truly Present” in English and “May the Day Be Well” in Vietnamese
Dharma Talk begins:
Bathing in the embrace of the Sangha and learning to act as a Sangha Body
Story of our Memorial Teacher, Founder of our Root Temple in Huê, Master Nhật Định: generating gratitude for him and getting in touch with his virtues such as humility, the capacity to let go, and filial piety.
Being the Gardener of our Mind: once we understand our body and mind, we will be able to choose the practices that suit us. As we look at the 51 mental formations, we can recognize which ones are stronger in us and embrace them with acceptance and care.
Building faith in the Dharma doors that we practice with in our daily life as we touch moments of healing and depth.
Engaged Buddhism in the 13th century in Vietnam during the reign of Kings Trần Thái Tông and Trần Nhân Tông: a great source of inspiration for our teacher who renewed Buddhism and made it appropriate for our times.
The Power of Aspiration as the heart of the Bodhisattva path: learning to nurture our aspiration daily with our practice.

Reflection Questions & Home Practices

1. Note down the occurrences during the day when you are able to hold back words that may hurt others. How does it feel immediately and afterwards? How does it affect the people around you?

2. “Mindfulness of love and gratitude help us untie the internal knots” (Br. Minh Hy). Looking deeply into a situation in your life, are you able to see the myriad causes and conditions that have brought it about? Can you feel gratitude for some of those causes and conditions?

— More from 2022 Rains Retreat (Plum Village France)
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