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What is an Engaged Buddhist Response to Suffering?

This Dharma Talk was recorded on June 12, 2024 in New Hamlet, Plum Village France. It is the 6th talk of the series of talks published from the 2024 June Retreat held in Plum Village, France, with the theme: “”Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Applied Ethics.” “In this powerful...

Br Pháp Linh

June 12, 2024

Workshop on Deep Listening: The Power of Presence

A Workshop on Deep Listening: The Power of Presence in Communication, Understanding Suffering, Compassion, Conflict Resolution, and Relationship Transformation. As we are well aware, the pressure of achieving profound and urgent change is leading to increased anxiety and polarization in societies as well as within the climate movement. It...

Br Pháp Linh

October 8, 2023
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Active Response to Suffering

Is Plum Village “engaged” enough today? Is our daily practice of mindfulness an appropriate answer to the problems our world is facing? If we look deeply at current issues such as war, injustice, or the climate crisis, we can understand their connection with our ways of thinking, speaking and...

Sr Hiến Nghiêm, Br Pháp Linh, Br Pháp Hữu

October 2, 2022

The Secret to Continuing Thay

There are so many urgent crises in the world and we may think, “If only Thay were still alive, he would know what to do.” In this talk, Brother Phap Linh explains that Thay can be very alive in us, if we know how to practice. By applying the...

Br Pháp Linh

March 10, 2022

Can meditation be harmful?

What *is* meditation, or mindfulness? Can it be used as a panic room? What is its purpose? What do we need to know to practice it safely and successfully? In this sincere and tender dharma talk from December 2020, Br. Phap Linh (“Brother Spirit”) shares that the practice of...

Br Pháp Linh

December 10, 2020

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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